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DO NOT expect a refund from IYOGI.They will scam you further.

They claim to be refunding but when you follow their instructions they gain access to your bank accounts. They initiate an "overdraft" against your credit card that goes to your checking. Then they send you the wrong amount and want you to send money back to them. You do not realize that they have somehow gotten into your accounts until you see your credit card statement.

They are not sending you any money. It is all yours. Just sleight of hand. So do NOT allow them any access to anything if they call.

Just tell them you know it is a scam. Tell them never call you again.

And beware, they are very good at making it all sound credible.

Who doesn't want their money back after buying something that was a scam to begin with.Don't fall for it.

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I just received this scam call and said they were going to refund all i paid them. I told him to donate to a local charity....beware big time


Thank you for these posts.I looked them up on another device as the had control of my computer.

I told them I am an elder and my state Attorney General takes these scams seriously. The guy said I upset him!!!!!

Shut down my computer before they got any further info.Good luck to you all and THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME!!!!


Just had iyogi try to use the refund scam.They had my cell number and knew my name.

I once was a costumer years ago but suspected them of fraud and quit their service. Hung up but they retried to call 3 more times. went to block the call but there was NO number associated with the "unknown" caller so I couldn't block them. Beware..

they are quite tricky.

Don't fall for this BS.Feds need to get on these people.


Almost scammed by iYogi a few years ago.Former customer.

Made the mistake of giving them remote access to my computer after they told me they were no longer supporting the software they had installed. Tried to gain access to my bank account as well in order to refund the $199 I had already paid them. Became suspicious when my screen went blank. Shut off my router before they could do much damage.

However, ended up having to replacie my hard drive and reinstalled programs. Also had to delete a number of files they corrupted. They continue to now call me almost weekly.

It's like trying to get rid of a bad virus.I keep trying to get rid of it, but it just keeps coming back.


I just got off the phone with I YOGI and told him I knew what he was trying to do was a scam and after a LONG Pause the gentleman says "You are a very smart person" and hung up.


I literally just call a call from I-Yogi telling me by law they had to refund me $400 that I gave them last year and they can't just refund me because they no longer have my account.As he talked to me, I searched the internet and found this write-up and told him about it and said "DO NOT EVER CALL ME AGAIN"!

That won't stop them though. I have my phone listed with NOMOROBO and they called 3 x's in a row with different numbers and got through.

So over them!Lesson learned!


iYogi called yesterday with the same saying they wanted to send me a refund for $400.00. Since they tried to scam me last year by taking over my laptop and putting some *** on it and said I was hacked & they would clean it for 500, I was onto them. I told the caller he should get a legitimate job.


iYogi is still at it.Had a horrible experience with them as their "technicians" corrupted my registry and did irreparable damage to my computer.

This happened more than a year ago. I just got off the phone with a supposed refund representative, who was going to send me 299.00 via paypal.

The "only" thing was, they had to send me 1000.00, because of some iYogi rule.Their entire organization is a scam, starting with their technical support.


i called the number and they said to send my address and they would send me a check. no access to my computer at all......cant see the scam here on that..gonna try...just name and number on a text....Said they were microsoft...i will call microsoft

Rochester, New York, United States #1355050

They called me 7/28/17- looked online while talking with them- saw SCAm warnings- when I read the warning they abruptly got off the phone

Lu Verne, Iowa, United States #1277652

Ditto - they called me on 1/26/17 and did just what you say they did. I told them to just mail me a check. I'll let you know when I get it!.

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States #1276431

Unfortunately iyogi caught me at a vulnerable time, or I am just plain ***!I am so mad at myself for falling for their refund scam of the overpayment of the refund and I have to send money back to them.

They made it look like they had taken all of my money from my checking account and for me to get it back I had to send them the overpayment of the refund. They had me so scared that they would keep all of my money. The bank was closed by this time and I didn't know what to do. They had me buy iphone gift cards and enter the number from the back of each card all the while keeping me on the phone, stating that if I hung up they would not give me my money back.

I am sick over the whole thing! Don't fall for there scare tactics! I called my bank asap the next morning, they had not been into my account. It sure looked like my account when they brought it up on the computer.

Uninstall "team viewer" if they ever installed on your computer, that is how they had remote access to my computer. I have reported to local police and attorney generals office. I hope to recoup some of my money from my credit card company. I am to embarrassed to admit how much!

Sad they are preying on widows and everyone.I also closed that bank account, just in case they really find access to it.

Aurora, Colorado, United States #1274582

Very helpful information, thanks.Iyogi tried to scam me yesterday, I caught on to it when they requested I send them the fake overdraft amount through Walmart.

I realized they just transferred my own $ to my checking to appear they accidentally deposited $2,110.00. Once I confronted them; to include multiple curse words, they hung up. I thank God, I was smart enough to call my bank & check my savings account.

It's sad that people posing to refund money will try to take hardworking people's money.So sad & scary.

Bronx, New York, United States #1273440

I knew it!! I'm not surprised!


Well its Dec.20 2016 I received a nice call from Chase card services.

A few weeks ago I physically sent my email confirming my 5 year contract that commenced in Jan. of 2015 ($379.00) and other subsequent angry emails to the dispute division. Hey I ain't saying a word but they are crediting my account for the full amount within 24 to 48 hrs. I am nobody special but I do have over an 800 credit score.

So try with your credit card Co.

It cannot hurt.Just supply them with every tidbit of info you have.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1230270

I dropped iyogi about 6 months ago.Recently they have been calling me to give me a refund and want me to allow them back into my pc.

I asked them after about 10 phone calls from them how much the refund was and he replied 150.00. I told them to mail me the check and they refused. I wasn't about to let them access to my PC and told them to stop calling me. And yet they still call and have told me that they will not stop calling.

Bottom line on them, do not under any circumstances, allow them access to your PC or laptop.

They are a sham company and they will do nothing but ***.

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