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DO NOT expect a refund from IYOGI. They will scam you further.

They claim to be refunding but when you follow their instructions they gain access to your bank accounts. They initiate an "overdraft" against your credit card that goes to your checking. Then they send you the wrong amount and want you to send money back to them. You do not realize that they have somehow gotten into your accounts until you see your credit card statement.

They are not sending you any money. It is all yours. Just sleight of hand. So do NOT allow them any access to anything if they call.

Just tell them you know it is a scam. Tell them never call you again.

And beware, they are very good at making it all sound credible.

Who doesn't want their money back after buying something that was a scam to begin with. Don't fall for it.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

I didn't like: Customer service lying to customers, Scam.

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They keep calling me and when I talked to them and I tell them I know it is a scam and to stop calling me they hang up and I get about 20 calls a day, how do I stop them from calling me all day long?


I fell for their BS. I know I should know better but... We locked our accounts and now have to go through a HUGE hassle to fix everything.


I made the bad mistake in signing up with I Yogi three years ago. They did fix a small issue with my computer, but when I called for service again under my contract, I was told I would have to upgrade my service package.

I let the coverage expire and they have called me several days per week to get me to sign up again. They will not take no for an answer, they keep calling me. NOW they call me 4X daily with this new scam. The rep was very persuasive stating they are going out of business and will not do anything to my computer, they only want to refund my money.

Thank heavens I disconnected the call before I did something stupid again. I fully expect that the call will keep coming eventhough I blocked the number. They use too many numbers to block.

This company is a curse!!!!!! Stay away for it!!!!!!

to jane #1609470

Get a whistle or a blow horn and the next time they call, cover your ears and let these idiots have it. The Do-Not-Call list does not work!


This company has called me every day at least once for over 2 years. They call me from multiple numbers from all over the U.S.

Does anyone know how to get on the do not call list. At this point I would pay them $400 to stop calling me...

to Anonymous #1609472

Most likely they are calling from India. As far as the do not call list goes, forget it.


They have been blowing up my phone and I finally answered to find out its is suppose to be IYOGI. They claim that they owe me 399.00 and they need to access my computer to refund me my money in 20 minutes. After dealing with IYOGI I decided if they only got 400.00 of my money, I call it blessed.


I have received multiple calls both from IYogi and another support service that transfers you to IYogi. I told them to send me a check in the mail.

They said I needed to login and fill out an on line form. I then said I looked up the IYogi refund on the Internet and it’s a scam, they immediately hung up.


Received numerous calls from this scam from 844-386-7548. Messages were left each time, though I never spoke to anyone.

Because of the number of calls in the past few days, I suspected it was a scam and looked it up on the internet, where you all confirmed it a scam. So have iyogi accounts have been breached??

to Anon #1605042

I have been geting lots of calls from these assbites at 84443867548, and I did a giggle search online and there are other people reporting it as a scam, this "refund of $299.99". The problem with this mess is they call and leave voicemails saying "for your iyogi refund of $299.99 please press 1".

Hah! Press 1? from a voice mail?? good luck.

So when I try toi call the 844 stupid number back all I hear is "Your call cannot be completed as dialed..." It is annoying as *** because I can't stop these idiots from making these calls. All I can do is delete each call they make . ..and they still call me up. Damn them.

When I try to block the number from my phone and a message says "the number is invalid".

So much for blocking these stupid clowns. I'm calling my carrier to make them block this stupid scam.


They called and said they wanted to make a refund, but they were looking for debit card info. I said goodbye!


Iyogi has been calling several times a day for several days. I asked them to take me off their list.

Then their phone number came up several times as unknown. A person calling himself Jack Winters left a message to call 270-775-0121 if I was interested In a refund. I was not at home at the time I returned his call so he is calling me again this evening. While I was on the phone with him, I received another call from unknown.

That makes 5 today. They are relentless.


Iyogi calls from New York wants to refund me $350.00 saying hey are out of business. They want me to log into a site where they will send me a refund form.

Its a total scam, they wont e-mail the form, they want to take over the control of my computer.

Do not fall for it. They are very persistent.

to David Zigler #1592614

Hi just read this I block the number and they call back with a new one if anyone reads this never give personal information out


They are relentless and their phone number can't be called back. They even have a recording that asks you to push # for refund and they want to get into your computer, but they won't just send you a check


True words


It just happened to me but it’s already been reported to my credit card company and my bank. Can’t believe I was foolish to believe them but I dealt with them before and they were helpful.


How do you Stop the calls completely. They are like cockroaches.

to Don jauhn #1607380

its the worst, i wish i knew


Yes, I was scammed too, but when the scammer wanted me to go to Walmart,, or Best Buy to purchase a gift card to refund the money, I didn't bite. But he got my credit card number and SS number.

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