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I ordered virus software for a new computer from a reputable company that I've dealt with for years. I had been billed twice and needed some help getting the license opened. When I called the support number I was put on to iYogi technicians. That's when hours of fun began!

They insisted they couldn't help me unless I took out a $169 service contract for one year and let them take control of my computer. I reluctantly did. I was hours on the phone with the technician, watching the little chat screen while they had remote control. He showed me all the "Trojans and worms and viruses" I had and said I'd need to let them have control of the computer once a month and they'd clean it up for me. When we were finished, things seemed to be set. They loaded iYogi software on my computer.

Two days later my computer showed that the license had expired so I phoned their tech support number again. Once again a technician took control. When the technician asked, "Is this the computer that you use for banking?" and I told him it wasn't, he replied, "Then, I'll need to take control of that computer also." I immediately cut off communication. I took my computer to a local I.T. person who removed all the suspicious iYogi software. I've changed passwords and I'm in the process of trying to get a refund for the service contract which I was coerced into.

The virus protection company has been a great help and they are appalled at the service.

Here's some advice: Don't deal with iYogi and if you ever have to give remote access of your computer to anyone take little screen prints of the chats and get the names

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iYogi is a scam, they put all sorts of names on the web as if they are the real tech support, then they get into your computer they add virus not remove them. I have an Epson printer. when I went

looking for tech help they popped up 1st on google search, later after them messing up my computer took it too to someone else got all their software off, when I did get hold of epson, they knew about Yogi and warned me that Yogi uses other names.


I too had same experience. THEY (he) also inquired if my husband was home and if he could call after my computer problems was fixed. SICK...this after they had all of my personal information via remote access.

Hindsight now that I am disabled from stalking...should have never tried to re-establish livelihood support.

Walla Walla, Washington, United States #733207

iYogi Art - Your canned response is a lot of ***.I spent over a year going back and forth with your "tech" guys.

Each time I was told the problem would be "fixed" and never happened again. And it happened over and over and over. You sold me software to fix the problem and it did not. Rip Off.

Each tech attempted a DIFFERENT solution. IYogi was on my computer more then I was attempting to fix the problems they caused! Then of all the BS that I could get from iYogi I was told to buy a new computer and blamed my Dell Laptop for the problems. I finally took my computer to a REAL computer store and had iYogi's software and their *** removed.

Since I did this I have not had ONE problem.

I tried to file a complaint with the BBB but you guys are off shore and I was not able to make that step.Horrible Horrible RIP OFF!!!

iYogi ART
to *** as *** #734678

Dear User,

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please detail us about the incident you have reported by sending us an email on . We can assure you that this will be looked into and actioned upon.

We will be looking forward to your email.

Thank you


Active Response Team


to *** as *** #736837

I think I am going to do the same thing. I thought I was being hooked up to HP and after I had been on the phone for a long time and after being pressured into purchasing tech support I found out it was iYogi and I still do not know whether they are with HP or not.

iYogi ART
to Anonymous #737467

Dear username Anonymous,

iYogi is an independent remote tech support provider. We are not affiliated with any brand or organization. We make this point very clear to the customers calling us and the same is also being mentioned on all of our websites, customer touch points. We possess a BBB rating of A and serve more than three million customers.

If you need any help regarding your HP product please email us your details on and we will have one of our experts call you and get it fixed.



Active Response Team


Asheville, North Carolina, United States #678707

They fix my compute and they send my a route I didn't need I told them I didn't need a route. They said that in the price for fixing the compute. My compute not even fix.

iYogi ART
to jim #679132

Dear Jim,

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to you. We are ready to help you with the computer problem you are facing. We can have an expert technician call you and fix it permanently. So,request you to send us your iYogi details on so that the needful can be done.

Thank You


Active Response Team



I had a great experience with they fixed my computer and also router and surprisingly they don't charge more than $9.99 per incident. Great tech help.

iYogi ART

Dear username "Tired",

Kindly send your subscription details at and we will look into your comaplaint. We regret that your experience with us was not satisfactory.


iYogi Customer Service

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