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iYogi operation will lure you in, thinking you are using another service, after you pay they disclose who they are. When your subscription is over they will continually try to bill your credit card without authorization.

When you ask them to stop they will not, they will call you constantly, get arrogant and tell you that you can do nothing to stop them. Do yourself a favor, find a reputable company in the USA or Europe, that pays a fair wage, and has to answer to respectable governing laws.

India does nothing to police its companies, and actually condones the type of behavior iYogi engages in. Do you homework, there is no way you can be so desperate you have to use iYogi.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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iYogi ART

Dear Fredzimbel,

iYogi is an independent provider of remote tech support services and is not affiliated to any third party brand. This fact is very clearly mentioned on all our web properties and customer touchpoints. We have a BBB rating of A and if you would like to know what our customers are saying about us, please feel free to visit our page on Facebook,

We take feedback seriously as this helps in our endeavor to continually improve our services. If you are reporting an incident, please send us an e-mail at iYogiCare[at]iyogi[dot]com with your account details so that our Active Response Team could investigate and take necessary action.


Active Response Team


to iYogi ART Paradise, California, United States #631503

Dear iYogi, I am an independent consumer of goods and services and not affiliated with any other consumer. This shoulf be clear by my misspellings, gramatic errors, and typos.

I give serious feedback and hate it when a company defends itself repeatedly with half-truths and outright lies. Please post proof of your questionable assertions from this point forward in every reply you make and we will have our team of independent iyogi suckers look into what you say and reach out to you.

If you are not able to provide proof, please stop making yourselves look like fools by refraining from hitting the reply link every time someone reports a bad experience with your company. Thanks, Regards Active Response Team Iyogi Suckers

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