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Quickbooks says they don't know anything about Iyogi.Iyogi said that they take care of Quickbooks' IT issues.

I don't know who anyone is these days. Quickbooks doesn't put their telephone number(s) on their own products, so how is anyone supposed to know who to contact if they are having a problem? What is wrong with our country? These big companies are ruining the U.S.

and causing its citizens to be scammed. Do not trust Iyogi.

I have no idea who they are, but they seem to be a scam.And the person, Sukarto Mukharjee from India, was very rude to boot!

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iYogi ART

Dear user,

iYogi is an independent technical support provider which provides subscription based services and is not affiliated to Quickbooks or any 3rd party brand (unless specified).We have an ‘A’ rating with BBB and have been in the industry for 7 years.

iYogi provides subscription based software support for Quickbooks software.

We take all feedback seriously as it helps in our endeavor to continually improve our services. As your experience with iYogi was not satisfactory, we would like to investigate and take appropriate action as per the findings.

So we request you to share your account/contact details at iYogicare[at]iyogi[dot]com.


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